giovedì 28 aprile 2011

4th Open German Fly-Tying Championship

Attention: open in a new window. The Winners of the 4th German Fly-Tying Championship. Congratulations!
Classical Salmon Fly

Dry Fly
1. Place Hartmut Duchrow

1. Place Philippe Zinner (France)
2. Place Jörg Bressin

2. Place Roland Fritz
3. Place Antti Aholainen (Finland)

3. Place Karl Flick (Austria)
4. Place Andrew Kaufmann (Canada)

4. Place Franz Halla
5. Place Aarne Halonen (Finland)

5. Place Erwin Tibad


Realistic Fly
1. Place Erwin Tibad

1. Place Erwin Tibad
2. Place Andreas Weiß

2. Place Sasa Bencun (Serbia)
3. Place Roland Fritz

3. Place Roland Fritz
4. Place Michel Paquin (Canada)

4. Place Georg Christel
5. Place Philippe Zinner (France)

5. Place Philippe Zinner (France)

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