sabato 15 gennaio 2011

Dressing " M.N.SG " Salmon Fly

Mosca da salmone costruita in due varianti (il dressing si riferisce alla prima foto):

Amo: nr. 4 double hooks
Thread: 8/0 colore black
Butt: black ostrich herl
Tag: oval tinsel gold
yellow holographic and teal feather
Body: red floss
Rib: oval tinsel gold
Wings: 2 strand orange flashabou, yellow fox, orange and yellow angel hair, orange fox.
2 strand orange flashabou, long brown fox, brown angel hair, black fox, black flash fine.
2 strand black flashabou
Hackles: yellow cock, orange cock, black cock
Cheeks: jungle cock
Head: thread black

dressing by Marco Nerini

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