mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Dressing " Migratory Locust"

Un'altro capolavoro imitativo.

Review of the migratory locust:Without doubt one of the jobs that I like.
Hope you enjoy it.


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it 's a very nice fly , how do you make the eyes , they are very natural......
Best regards thierry

Thierry you are absolutely right !!... the Sergio's flies are legendary !!
For the eyes may have used large nylon (burned and colored black) or the "das" or "pongo" always pattern and colored

Thierry, this is the message for you by Sergio that is to fish and could not answer:


Thierry: Sorry for the delay in response. I went fishing!!

The stonefly was one of my best work. Paint it with matte varnish is best. I promise pictures!!
The lobster was a nice job!!
Eye was made with epoxy and painted with permanent markers, they are very natural!!

Greetings!! Sergio

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