venerdì 4 giugno 2010

Dressing "Pupa di Tricottero"

Bellissima imitazione di pupa dell'amico e costruttore francese Thierry "GT79". Realistica e allo stesso tempo pescabile

Dressing Caddis Pupa:

Fly Fishing Europa

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I tyie this fly for the 2nde challenge Henri TESTANNIER from France, I was inspired by a fly seen on a web forum with atch magazine ,
the body is tying with " natural peau de chamois for drying cars ", some ostrich fibbers, the rising wing with dark brown fibber , the thorax with cdc clear brown cdc dubbing and a part of faisant tail , antennaes with faisant tail ,
legs with faisant tail finners and genetic pardo
eyes with burned black fishing nylon
and uni black or dark brown uni thread

best regards
GT79 , thierry

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